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About Us

Our core mission is to bring change in the legal industry from the ground up through education reform, mindset change, and practical opportunities.

Our Story

Law School 2.0 is an organization aspiring to reform legal education to meet the requirements of the modern day lawyer. Through events and initiatives, we promote technology-focused practices in the profession and raise awareness of alternate career paths. 


We believe that education and a growth mindset is a lifelong skill. Any current or soon-to-be legal professional, whether practicing or supporting lawyers, will find value in our events and content. 

Since Law School 2.0’s official inception in mid-2021 with the LegalTech Vacation Scheme, we have fostered a community of 1500+ technology and innovation driven lawyers, students and technologists. 


If you are feeling confused about LegalTech as an area, or how to innovate in your practice, you are not alone. Law School 2.0 provides events and programmes tailored to allow lawyers to think differently, not accept the norm, and

become better problem solvers. 


We do this by following a problem identification -> solution creation -> solution adoption framework. This approach is important to us as it avoids learning about a specific legal technology tool that only solves a single problem, and instead equips our community with a foundation for approaching issues arising in the legal profession.

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