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The LegalTech Vacation Scheme

30 October - 1st November

2023 sign-ups are LIVE!

"The Law School 2.0 program takes attendees on a journey, and the speakers are
the best in the business."

Catherine Bamford
CEO and Founder, BamLegal
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The LegalTech Vacation Scheme is designed to prepare participants to embrace the integration of technology into the legal profession through practical experience.

The specifically tailored program focuses on how to identify and understand problems, build curated solutions to address, test, implement and learn how to ensure adoption. 

Get ready to become inspired and learn how to leverage the opportunities in the legal industry.

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1,000+ lawyers, students, and legal professionals have taken part in the LTVS
Over 5 days more than 700 individuals registered to attend the LTVS 2022
17 organisations have previously partnered with LS2.0 
Our community spans across the world, with over 50 countries represented at the LTVS 2022

The structure

Skills Days

Aim: to set the baseline of a legal innovation mindset 
1. Problem Identification
2. Solution Creation
3. Solution Adoption
Before looking at solutions and applications, you will learn how to successfully identify problems in the workplace through innovative problem framing techniques.
Now that you know how to identify problems and their causes, you will learn how to design solutions to fix those problems leveraging principles from legal design and project management.
For the implementation of your solutions to be a success, they need to be adopted by others in practice. The third day focuses on ensuring your solutions are implemented successfully, and what to do when they aren't. 


Aim: to put into practice your innovation skills
48 hours, 1 challenge, 1 pitch night to impress.
During LegalTech48 we provide attendees with a real life challenge so they can create a solution to put their skills into practice. LegalTech48 tests participants in identifying problems from a challenge statement, designing solutions to these problems, and creating an adoption plan, all culminating in a pitch session.

Past speakers

We have been joined by some of the best in the business. Are you next? 
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