Frequently asked questions about this year's LegalTech Vacation Scheme. 

How much is the event? 

Attending the online portion of the event is completely free!

Do I need any knowledge in LegalTech, legal innovation, or legal design to join? 

Not at all. The aim of the LegalTech Vacation Scheme is to teach you about these topics and to gain practical skills in these areas. 

What is the time commitment of The LegalTech Vacation Scheme? 

The time commitment of the scheme depends on whether you are attending only the Skills Workshops or the Skill Workshops + the LegalTech48. 


The Skills Workshops will be taking place on the 22nd, 23d and 24th of August for around 3 hours in the middle of the day. Attending only the workshops is perfect if you are looking to learn more about LegalTech and legal innovation, but do not wish to commit to the 48-hour challenge. 


The LegalTech48 begins on the 25th of August and will conclude on the evening of the 26th of August. We recommend being available for the entirety of the 25th and 26th to commit to the challenge! 

I hear you're running an in-person evening event. How can I get involved? 

Shh - tickets will be released for the event soon! 

I came last year, what's the difference? 

We're back with new talks, new speakers, and new sessions.


We've listened to your feedback and this year we've added more hands-on workshops, face to face time with speakers and sponsors, and more opportunities for in formal networking with other attendees. Stay tuned!

What is the LegalTech48? Is it a hackathon? 

Unlike a conventional hackathon, our 48-hour challenge does not require any coding or creation of a fully working product.


Participants will have the chance to put into practice skills from the Skills Workshops, which will focus on identifying problems, developing solutions, adopting solutions, and adopting a growth mindset. 


However, like a hackathon we do expect participants to spend the two-day period working on their solution, and then pitch it at the end of the event. 

I want to attend LegalTech48 but not the Skills Workshops, can I? 

We're expecting participants to put the skills they've learnt during the Skills Workshops into practice for LegalTech48. For that reason, if you want to attend LegalTech48 you must register and attend the Skills Workshops as well. 

Please note that spots for LegalTech48 are limited, and will be given away via raffle!

When do I found out if I got a spot on LegalTech48? 

Stay tuned! We'll confirm timings when we launch the LegalTech48 raffle. ​

Do I need to be a student to attend?

Our event is aimed at anyone and everyone interested in learning more about LegalTech and Innovation - including students, lawyers, paralegals, trainees, legal professionals, LegalTech professionals, and non-law students!

I can’t make it!

How can I stay updated to catch one of your future events? 

We will miss you!

Please sign up to our email list below or follow us on socials as we will share updates there.