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Recap of the LegalTech Vacation Scheme 2022 from Betty Blocks

It’s already over a month since this year’s LegalTech Vacation Scheme where we shared the foundations underpinning legal innovation, presented up-and-coming LegalTech tools, and enjoyed one of the last sunny Wednesdays in London. Which elements do you remember from the scheme? Our Gold Sponsor, Betty Blocks, helped jog our memory by highlighting their takeaways (which they discuss at greater lengths here).

Here’s the scoop.

Starting from the beginning

In case you are new here, from August 22-26th, we hosted the LegalTech Vacation Scheme, our online annual event to develop and put into practice legal innovation and technology skills.

“The LegalTech Vacation Scheme is the place to be for all people, tech, and trends that are interested in the legal industry leveraging tech: the next generation of legal. For five days, attendees focus on identifying problems and creating solutions, facilitated through workshops, courses, expo booths, and pitching sessions. We observed what the next generation of legal looks like, and discussed the importance of adopting an implementation mindset.”

How did Betty Blocks get involved in the scheme?

As a Gold Sponsor Betty Blocks showcased their knowledge to attendees with two opportunities: a workshop and talk during Day 3 where they were the headline sponsor of the day.

Up first, Legal innovator Paddy O'Shaughnessy gave a presentation on how to launch and implement a solution to ensure success. Our team at LS2.0 particularly liked the food references and how they demystified the concept.

“The successful implementation of a Legal Tech solution goes way beyond its purchasing, and can often be a complex process. If there was one key takeaway from Paddy’s presentation, it is that iterating your digital solutions is crucial to ensure that it works, and to properly measure its success.”

Next up, Odin van Eijk, Product Owner and Platform Expert at Betty Blocks presented how to utilize feedback to build on and improve your application, using Betty Blocks. Taking the simple and relatable example of determining what to have for dinner, Odin talked attendees through building a Decision Flow application.


Betty Blocks stayed with us throughout the week all the way through to Friday afternoon when Chiel Wester, alongside Head of LawtechUK Aleksandra Wawrzyszczuk, acted as the jury for various solution pitches to two problem sets. Chiel was impressed by the innovative and creative solutions that came out of the first problem set: looking at the issue of energy prices increasing, and how to leverage tech to ensure users can continue to pay their bills.

We also loved meeting the team who flew in from The Netherlands in person at our Summer Meetup in London!

“Of course, we didn’t miss the opportunity for in-person networking, and Chris Williams attended Wednesday evening’s LegalTech Summer Meetup in King’s Cross, London. This was a fantastic opportunity to meet both professionals and students face-to-face and continue some of the conversations inspired by the events.”

Inspiring incoming lawyers

As a takeaway from their sessions, Betty Blocks highlighted the importance of technology for the next cohorts of legal professionals and how they will work with technology in practice.

“The LegalTech Vacation Scheme provides a snapshot of what is possible for the new generation of legal; curious, modern, and accustomed to tech. This cohort of legal knows that the right tech stack is the competitive edge necessary for leading the industry. Recent graduates have grown up side-by-side with technology: living a lifetime in tandem with tech rather than having learnt to adapt to a digital age. Having digital solutions which facilitate every-day life is their natural state. So what does this mean for the legal industry?

The new generation of legal will have much higher standards for their legal tech environment, expecting a selection of integrated tools which empower, support, and elevate their work. For a generation used to tech, the adoption of new tools will be much faster than the current generation (who have to familiarize themselves, and then their organization with a tool).”

In particular, we were inspired to see the LegalTech considering the implications of technology usage on the lawyers (and legal professionals) of tomorrow.

“Evidently, the legal industry should be preparing itself for the new generation: modern, tech-savvy, ambitious, and innovative. Meanwhile, legal tech providers should be thinking about their new generation of users, and how these users’ needs impact a company’s offer. One thing is for sure: we can’t wait to see how the new generation’s approach and usage of technology changes the legal industry.”

Thank you to Betty Blocks for your takeaways and for your support of the scheme! Curious how Betty Blocks empowers legal firms and departments to build powerful, limitless Legal Tech solutions? Check out what some of their top legal clients are doing here.

Betty Blocks joined us as a Gold Sponsor for the LegalTech Vacation Scheme 2022. Interested in partnering with us in the future? Explore the possibilities here:

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