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Hello practicality. 


Both parts of The LegalTech Vacation Scheme combine learning from our experienced speakers and mentors and building your skills and confidence through practice. 

You can explore our Skills Workshops and LegalTech48 below.

Skills Workshops
16-18 August

Day One | Identifying Problems

Day one of the skills workshops will cover where we are in LegalTech history, an overview of the business of law, and how to identify problems and inefficiencies at work. 

Day Two | Developing Solutions

On day two of the workshops you will learn about design thinking, creating and developing solutions, and how to to put these into practice.

Day Three | Adopting Solutions

You have a solution, now what? The final day of the skills workshops will cover how to encourage solution adoption in your future organization and where to go next. 

Each day of the Skills Workshops will include lectures, networking lunches, and activities alongside panels and opportunities for Q&As. These sessions will run from approximately 12pm-3pm BST on the 16th-18th of August. 

Full Schedule Coming Soon

18-20 August

Pre-Session | August 18

Before LegalTech48 gets started, on the evening of the 18th of August teams will be introduced to one another to break the ice. 

Day One | August 19

On day one of LegalTech48, teams will receive the problem statement and start working with their group to design a solution. They will be assigned one industry mentor who will give them guidance and feedback on their initial designs. 

Day Two | August 20

On day two teams will finalize their solution and prepare their pitch for the judging session in the evening. They will again meet with an industry mentor who will help them perfect their pitch. One winner will be chosen from the various teams. 

Teams will work together over the 19th and 20th of August to design a solution for a problem given to them by the Law School 2.0 team. Their team sessions will be complimented by mentoring sessions from LegalTech industry leaders, and a winner will be chosen on the evening of the 20th of August. 


Spots for LegalTech48 are being assigned via a Raffle. Participants must be attend the Skills Workshops, and be available all day on the 19th and 20th, as well as the evenings of the 18th and 20th of August. 

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