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“Alone we can do so little;

together we can do so much.” 


 18th-20th March | 48 Hour Online Event

A million people have now fled their homes in Ukraine from war.


As bordering countries open their doors, we called on the Law School 2.0 community to explore problems and design solutions to challenges in mass immigration and integration.

To do this, we ran Support48, a 48 hour challenge to create legal tech solutions to improve both the lives of those fleeing and the capabilities of organisations and individuals assisting.

Phase One: Collect legal process challenges


We collected legal process challenges being faced by countries bordering Ukraine. Reaching these challenges came from asking: 

  • How can we improve legal processes for both people fleeing Ukraine and governments and lawyers assisting - e.g in immigration?

  • What challenges may arise in the future - e.g integration?

  • How can our current legal processes be assisted with technology to better help victims of the war and organisations, firms and governments helping them?

The four challenges given to participants were: 

  • Ensuring speedier integration into society

  • Ensuring access to justice when immigrating

  • Ensuring lawyers have the tools to succeed

  • Ensuring coordination of support


Phase Two:  Support48

Over 48 hours, from 18th-20th March, we facilitated Support48 - a challenge to dig deeper into the problems identified above and design a solution. Participants analysed a chosen challenge, created a solution, and highlighted ways for adoption - the foundations of legal tech development.

Phase Three:  Building Solutions

With the support of WeightmansNeota, Addleshaw Goddard and BRYTER, the teams are currently in the process of building-out their solutions. If you would like to get involved and help in the building phase, click "Get Involved" below. 

Screenshot 2022-03-28 at 14.20_edited.jpg

Phase Four:  Launching Solutions

More details to be announced soon.

Follow Law School 2.0 on Twitter & LinkedIn to keep up to date with launches:


How can I help people in Ukraine? 


There are several ways to support including donating money to humanitarian aid, attending your local demonstration and supporting friends and family who are directly affected. We also suggest these websites: 

Where can I find information on immigration and integration from Ukraine?

(please email us at to suggest other resources)


Who is Law School 2.0? 

LS2.0 is a legal technology education platform founded in 2021. We have a community of 1000 strong, comprising of lawyers, students, and legal technologists. Our LegalTech Vacation Scheme last Summer attracted 400 students, ready to learn skills to practically innovate as a lawyer of tomorrow. 

We believe in providing practical opportunities for tomorrow’s lawyers, whether this is students or practicing solicitors ready to bring technology into their practice.

In case of doubt, we are not a regulated law firm or legal service but an EdTech platform. 

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