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Education for the lawyer of tomorrow, today.

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What we do

LegalTech Education for the modern lawyer

Law School 2.0 provides practical experiences to expand on your legal education, and teach you what you've wished you'd learned in law school.

We've designed a modern program meant to provide a platform for you to become a lawyer of tomorrow. Our priority is ensuring lawyers, future lawyers, and legal professionals are equipped with the tools they need to design innovative solutions for problems they face in the workplace.


LegalTech Vacation Scheme

We are the founders of the first ever, open for all, LegalTech Vacation Scheme. We focus on problem framing, solution creation, and solution adoption over 5 days each summer.


Practical Opportunities

We believe that you learn through doing, so we provide hands-on opportunities for individuals at all stages of their legal career to learn by designing solutions together.

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We provide a community for innovative individuals across the LegalTech community to come together and learn from one another, including during informal networking events.

Who we're for

Meet the lawyer of tomorrow


Introducing the lawyer of tomorrow. They can be a practicing lawyer, legal professional, law student, or innovation leader. They might have graduated 40 years ago or start studying in 4 months. They might have successfully run 20 different LegalTech projects or not be able to tell you what LegalTech means.

So, what do the lawyers of tomorrow have in common? They know: 

  • LegalTech education is integral regardless of the stage they're at in they're career; 

  • Framing problems > buying tools that don't solve anything. They don't want a toolbox of shelf-ware that collects dust;

  • Innovation is the most important investment for any 21st century law firm. 

Join the Law School 2.0 community and become one of the #LawyersOfTomorrow

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By the numbers





1,500+ strong community of lawyers, students, and legal professionals
Over 5 days more than 350 individuals attended the LTVS 2021
17 organisations have previously partnered with LS2.0 
Our community spans across the world, with over 12 countries represented at the LTVS 2021
How we got here
January 2021

The road to LS2.0

August 2021
January 2022
March 2022
August 2022
Clubhouse chats with the legal industry highlight the gaps in legal education
LS2.0 hosts the first-ever public LegalTech vacation Scheme with over 350 attendees 
Campus ambassadors
The first cohort of LS2.0 Campus Ambassadors is introduced
LS2.0 runs Support48, a 48 hour idea sprint to support those affected by the Ukrainian war
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The LegalTech Vacation Scheme returned this summer online and in person
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