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LTVS2021 Highlight: Jay Dunning & Nikita Patel - "The Spice Girls Method"

At The LTVS2021, Jay Dunning and Nikita Patel from DWF shared one of their favourite creative problem solving techniques - “The Spice Girls Method”. This technique aims to get you thinking beyond the here and now to find some really creative solution ideas.

Problem statements are based on the here and now, e.g. “how can we do _”. When thinking of what you can do about the problem, you will draw on ideas that are within your grasp in the here and now too. This might include technology you already have that you can apply to the problem. However, a method you can use to look at the problem more creatively and consider that the possibilities are endless, you can apply The Spice Girls Method.

The Spice Girls Method starts by thinking about your how can statement, and asking:

“Tell me what you want, what you really really want as an outcome of solving that problem.”

This will make you really think about what you are trying to achieve, what end point you are trying to reach, as opposed to just thinking in the here and now. Don’t hold back, there are no ideas too weird or out there for this part of the problem solving process - it’s purely about thinking big and finding creative solutions. The weirder and wider the ideas you think of, the more creative you allow yourself to be. From this, most of the ideas you think of wont work or won’t be useful, but they will help you move on from holding back creatively.

Using The Spice Girls Method turns your problem statement into an outcome statement - focusing you and your team on producing the best outcome you can, instead of being tied to preconceptions and here and now thinking.

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